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Social Media Marketing Services (SMMS)

Social Media Marketing is rapidly growing way of Marketing Products and Services with the expanding Social Media Networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr etc.. Sri Lankan Social Media Networks also improving day by day. More than 2 Million of Sri Lankans on Facebook Today!

Social Networking platforms are all free to use well sort of. Time is money, and if you don't have time for Social Media Marketing, it's worth outsourcing your Social Media campaigns to ShawebDesign.

Our Social Media Approach

  • Define objectives: What can your business gain from being involved in social media.
  • Analysis: We will create a strategy to best approach your objectives
  • Engage: We can help you with your defined approach, be it social networking, social bookmarking or sharing content etc.

Our Facebook Marketing Pages

E - Marketing

facebook marketing services...
In order to succeed, your business needs to achieve a certain level of popularity. Find out how we can deliver you 1000's of targeted and interested customers to your Facebook page. Facebook is now the world's largest advertising and marketing platform, even surpassing Google in terms of sheer profitability and what it can do to build your business. The only problem is that to gain massive exposure on Facebook, you need loads of targeted people who are interested in your product or service... and that's where we come in!
When we get going on your campaign, we utilize our immense partner network on Facebook to achieve results for you. We drive traffic from other, relevant pages on Facebook in similar industries and niches to your page, which results in interested and real people coming to your page and becoming your fans. From there, it's only up to you to make a connection and your sales will begin to skyrocket.
And don't worry, when you purchase a pack of targeted fans from us right now, you're not simply getting 'invites' to your page -- we guarantee that for every 1000 fans you pay for, we'll deliver 1000 people to you as fans. That's our guarantee to you.
We know you want results and that's exactly what you'll get when you invest in our Facebook marketing service. In fact we are so confident of this that we back our service with our 'No Delivery, No Pay' guarantee, which means that if we don't deliver the fans that you asked for, we'll refund your full purchase price.

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