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who we are

Sha Web Design is a pioneer and trendsetter in the Sri Lankan web design market. In just four years, we have become a provider of web design solutions to some of the largest and most prestigious corporates in Sri Lanka, as well as to clients in the UK and Australia. Our skilled, dedicated team of world-class IT professionals and marketers bring to the table a wealth of valuable experience serving the needs of demanding clients from a diverse range of industries.

The key to Sha’s success is our philosophy of combining technical proficiency with creative thinking. While many outside the industry would see web design as a dull and heavily technical job, it is in fact a highly creative industry requiring innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. It is that creativity that is the essence and soul of a website, a logo, or a social media post, the thing that makes them stand out against the countless millions of their counterparts. Therefore, we at Sha take creativity very seriously. It flows across all three of our operational D’s: Diversity, Dynamism and Distinctiveness.

With Diversity, we guarantee you a variety of exciting, creative designs that you can choose from. Dynamism speaks to the vibrancy and adaptability of our designs, their visual attractiveness as well as technical versatility across platforms. Finally, Distinctiveness ensures that the product we design you will be, and remain, a truly unique source of identity for your business, a shining digital standard that will mark you out in the vastness of cyberspace. All this, and more, is what we at Sha stand for, and stand to deliver.


Sha Web Design came into being in 2011 as the dream of two aspiring, innovative web entrepreneurs. Four years later, we have expanded to a team of 15 committed professionals who have collectively served more than 100 corporate clients based both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Having concentrated initially on web design and logo design, we are now considering breaking ground into new markets that offer exciting prospects for growth. One of our major areas of current expansion is Social Media Marketing (SMM), into which we made our first foray in 2015. In the space of just one year, we have succeeded in acquiring a sizeable share of this growing, dynamic market, and SMM is fast becoming one of the primary sectors in our overall business operations. This year, we are planning to expand our horizons even further, branching out into branding and content writing. As such, we are fast becoming a provider of total solutions to any business’s creative marketing needs.

In the course of our four-year journey, we have been fortunate to serve and gain the trust of some of Sri Lanka’s most well-known and prestigious brands, such as Arpico, Lankem, PG Martin, Nature’s Secrets, the Fab, George Steuart , Subway, Gflock and Lakshapana. We have also served prestigious non-corporate clients such as the embassy of the Philippines in Sri Lanka. Our growth has also taken us overseas, to serve clients based in the UK, Australia and the Maldives. Our journey to becoming the pre-eminent web solutions provider in Sri Lanka has only just begun. But these five years, if anything, have taught us that passion for creativity and steadfast dedication to quality can take anyone to great heights; that is the essence of Sha’s journey.


To be the pre-eminent provider of total creative web solutions in Sri Lanka, using a powerful and
focused combination of creativity and technical proficiency

Our Team

Web design, despite its association with the technical and often dehumanizing environment of ICT, is at its heart, a creative activity. Born as they are from the rich imagination that only a human mind may possess, it goes without saying that all our products owe their success to the dedicated, passionate and skilled team that we possess. They are the foundation of everything we build.

Our team has grown over the years, but anyone joining us possesses the same key attributes: a commitment to technical excellence, respect and empathy for the needs of our clients, and above all, a streak of creative spirit that infuses all their work.

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