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Logo Design

Your logo is your identity

Understanding your business is a key part of our process—it lets us tailor our logo designs to meet your unique business needs. Powerful logo design is the first step for creating an impression at your business, provide immediate recognition.

It should be a striking image that would never forget to anyone who is look at it first time. Having a great logo with a professional touch improves your business sense and it is crucial in determining whether the business is succeed or not.

As one of the pioneers in Sri Lanka’s creative industry, we have worked in the field of logo designing over 5 years. We are highly committed to give a strong brand presence through a tailor made, high quality logo design that represent your corporate identity.

A good logo has to do more than just look pretty. We at Sha believes “brand is more than just a logo”. So, we understand you and aim to create a logo that gives a powerful impression of your brand. Our logo design process begins with extensive market research - both your brand and your competitor’s brand. Then come up with 5 set of logo designs made exclusively for you that you could choose from. Above all, choose the design you like most and get as many as revisions on the selected concept until you are satisfied.

Your business image depends on a logo design that is polished, distinctive, and memorable. Our divers team of talented logo designers and knowledgeable logo design consultants, bringing you a creative and memorable corporate image that will boost your image.


Our Logo Designs

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Brand developers in Sri Lanka

As one of the trailblazers in Sri Lanka’s creative industry, Sha provides you with a holistic consultation that will help your company reach new heights through effective branding and a stronger corporate identity both online and offline. With our help, your brand will come to bear the guarantee that your products possess features that make them truly one-of-a kind.

The manner in which a brand is handled, and above all, presented, is crucial in determining whether your business will succeed or not. Our job is to help corporations enhance their brand through effective projection of the special characteristic and features that constitute the very essence of their products.

In essence, a brand condenses a vast amount of information about a particular corporation or its product and presents it in the form of easily identifiable symbols. Also known as corporate identities, brands build up relationships between clients and products, and serve to generate expectations within clients’’ minds about a particular product. A brand has several aspects to it, most often a logo with associated fonts and typographies, as well as colour schemes that are capable of being used across a variety of different promotional material for the company.

It’s no easy task trying to choose the right creative agency that can help you develop an effective brand, but here at Sha, we possess the expertise, experience and above all, creative inspiration to ensure that your enterprise will reach new heights through effective and captivating branding.

Sha is the right choice to develop your brand

Sha is ready to help you with all your branding requirements and the further development of your corporate identity, regardless of whether your company has an online presence or not.

Have a look at our portfolio of sample logo designs and other corporate identities that our team has developed, or give us a call to arrange a free meeting to discuss your branding needs and how we could help you out.

No marketing strategy in the present day can be considered complete
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