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Website Maintenance

Your website is a significant investment for you or your company. It is important to see whether it has remained an asset to your company or
has become a money draining burden. Therefore keeping your website up to date with new product/service details, company information, promotions and news will make your website more credible and more and more people will want to visit your site every often and engage.

Site updates

Many of you may already have websites but may not be satisfied with how it looks. You may feel like doing a complete redesign to make it look more appealing if the website is too old. So let’s do a complete revamp with latest and trending design techniques to make your website future proof.

Components updates

With the dynamic nature of technology and customer needs, your website also needs to be adopted and continuously updated accordingly, otherwise your competitors will take the advantage over you.

Customer given changes

Sometimes you might want to add new product to your product portfolio or add an extra page to the website or make certain changes to the design. With our readily available team, this becomes easier than ever for you.

Email and hosting

Apart from the free hosting provided when getting you website designed by us, we also provide custom web hosting plans depending on the type and size of your website. Along with web hosting, email accounts are also provided for the domain name of your website.


No website is completely fault less. For any kind of faults or malfunction such as slow loading times or broken links, we can assist you to troubleshoot your website and get rid of what’s bothering you.

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